Violencia domestico

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Topic Environmental pollution

Part I

1. Diseases
2. Damage to the ozone layer
3. Animal deaths
4. Few trees
5. Damage to the glacial

6. Global Warming

Part II

1) What are thecauses of pollution?

• Improper storage of waste products and industrial activities
• Uncontrolled Waste Dumping
• Industrial Wastes
• Browse wastes into bodies of water
• Deposition of airpollutants
• The production of garbage
• cleaning products
• pollution from motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.)

2) What are the consequences of pollution?

• Sewer in poor states
• Deaths ofanimals
• Pollution of surface water
• Air pollution inside homes

3) What are the possible solutions?

• Planting trees and assist in the maintenance of green areas

• Do not throw garbage and wasteon the streets or anywhere
• Do not use products containing contaminants

Part III

Global Warming


Few trees

Damage to the ozone layer

Animal deathsDamage to the glacial

Part IV Thesis statement

The pollution is everyone's responsibility and we must take action basesthat.


Currently the Earth is coping with many changes due to human action. These changes are completely normal in the same imbalance. It is our duty as parts of this planet to takeaction on the problem of pollution.

Contamination is the presence in the environment of any agent (physical, chemical or biological) is also known as the effects of the abuse of resourcesthat nature provides us, water trees, land etc. Environmental degradation due to the attitude of humans toward nature during recent times has led to one of the main problems that humanity is facedtoday, pollution. The intensive exploitation of natural resources and the development of large industrial and urban concentrations in certain areas are key factors in the contamination. It is important...
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