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Andrea Jiménez
Grade 11
Dear Mr. President let’s pretend we are just two common people and that you are not better than me. I have some thoughts I would likeyou to know and I hope you can respect them like I respect yours. I would like to ask some questions if you can be honest with me. What do you feel when you see all the homeless in the streets? Who doyou pray at night before you go to sleep? Well if you pray. Dear Mr. President we have to stop violence, we have to do everything that’s in our hands to change our world. You need to do everythingthat’s in your hands to stop violence. Do you know how many people would be thankful for that? People would be proud of you; the people will support you and even fight at your side. Do you know how manypeople die every day? How many innocent lives are taken just for a few dollars? We need to construct a new society, we need to stop violence and create a peaceful society where everyone can sleep andnot only you, not only you. Dear Mr. President how do you sleep while the rest of us cry? How can you talk with your head held high after seen all of your people in need? Can you even look the peoplein their eyes? Tell me, tell me. Violence is destroying your country and you’re just sitting there hoping something happens out of know where. Would you like to see you family dead? How would you feelif they called you and told you your family was in trouble? Our country without violence or at least with less violence would be so much better, it would be more respected and we could even have moretourism to make more money for the country. Dear Mr. President it’s your duty, your job, your responsibility to help the people and the country. It’s your duty to listen to them and to do whateverit’s in your hands to help them grow and improve. People are begging for your help, they would like to sleep in beds with sheets and not made of cart board, they would like to have food to eat and...
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