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It was the wedding night, Samantha married to Paul and Jack married
Cloe was a wedding quite different from the usual, was a double wedding on the beach with few people.
Thetwo couples were known since I was 15 years and his dream was the two couples to marry and spend their honeymoon together in one place very intimate and private.

The nextday the wedding live caught a plane to Cancun, the two girls was thought they were going to a beach town but had a husband surprise to them. On reaching the city were askedwhich hotel but they did not say anything until they reached a small port where they had two boats, they were surprised and they would spend their honeymoon in a small island nearthe city. Near the island had a small central silent but inactive nuclear...

Just get to the island they found a small house opposite the beach, house was the family ofJack. The girls were surprised to see that house so pretty and charming as it was installed and ran the and look at everything inside.
The two couples spend three weeks in thishouse.

Spent a few days remain all day at the beach and decided to go to explore the island where they were. The island was not large but rather was small there was not muchelse to do or what to do but it was interesting to see all that was in it. In all walks never noticed anything strange, exotic plants and animals they saw was a beautifulisland, the two girls were delighted with this trip their husbands had organised.

One evening Paul heard a strange noise that came from outside the home, but thought it was ananimal on the island and said nothing.
The next day he woke and noticed the presence of the other day and it became concerned and decided to go out to see who was then suddenly...
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