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Want to lose weight? Are you so fat and depressed about yourself?

 Thousands of people are searching for weight loss methods which can assist them with their continuing struggle. Throughout the world, vanity is widespread and the fat is unacceptable to the society. As a result, people are now looking for some answers whichcan make a difference between a depressing and frustrating struggle to lose weight, and smooth and steady process.

 The struggle of this people could be described into two: the dangerous way which is the struggle for appearance and the healthy way. Both are widely used by those who wants to loose weight but the way it is used are different.

 In the dangerous, some people take diet pills whichare popularly quick-fix for people who are looking for a short cut to weight loss. A typical diet pills is either a diuretic or a stimulant. The diuretic simply cause loss of water weight while the stimulants temporarily speed up metabolism. Example of these pills is the Maqui-6 Formula which according to research contains the highest amount of the Maqui Berry which has powerful fat fightingproperties speeding the metabolism, reducing appetite and safely fat cell size and number. While in the healthy way, it does not recommend people to take pills instead, it encourages people to just eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day which have not just vitamins and minerals but also packed with fiber. 
 Loosing weight is not just taking up pills and eating fruits and veggies but also by doingphysical fitness which both dangerous and healthy way does. Some people actually do this excessive exercise which is considered as a dangerous way of loosing weight. It is common for someone who just decided to loose weight to do too much in the beginning, especially in the gym. On the other hand, regular and slight exercise is done by those people who go a healthy way and those who do not forcethemselves to loose weight fast. Regular physical activity burns calories and builds muscles slowly but safely. Example of this regular exercise are walking the family dog outdoor, cycling to school and doing other things that are lightly but still will make you burn calories and will make you loose weight.

 The most common mistake people make when trying to loose weight is starving them self.Not eating enough is dangerous and can result in fainting, muscle wasting and in extreme cases, death. Those people who don’t make them self suffer to starvation choose to do healthy alternatives. They don’t skip meals especially breakfast because it is the start of metabolism giving them energy to do more during the day. Skipping breakfast often feel so hungry that people eat more later on sothey get more calories than they would have if they ate breakfast.

Both ways could be effective loosing ones weight but also both ways could cause good and bad effects. Starvation which is dangerous could make an individual fit but sometimes it can cause headaches, body weaknesses, muscle pain and my abdominal discomfort. While a balance diet and a habit of a not skipping breakfast will alwaysmake an individual healthy and even if not that fast, an individual could possibly be fat and slim.

Whatever people choose to do to loose weight, even dangerous or healthy, the important is that they have the control over it and that they will be satisfied to their looks and figure.

Obesity: one of the major problems encountered by every person. Once a person gain too much weight, it will behard for him to lose it again and go back to his normal shape. That’s why many people nowadays try different ways on how to get back in shape and loose unwanted fats. It could be healthy and safe but it could also be dangerous if we use the dark way.

              When it comes to losing weight, there is no easy way. We should be patient and be focus in terms of the food we eat. Unbalanced diet...
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