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The Story

He represents the story of a small poor person that he embarks in the Titanic to earn a departure of poker. He falls in love with Rose, a rich girl,fiancée to a multimillionaire. Jack saves his life to him to Rose since she wanted suicidal herself, and he has him in with the idea to a dinner at his luxurious zone of the ship, although later theygo to warehouses, in gratitude where Jack lodges and they finish dancing and drinking having fun very much.
Rose's fiancé has an accomplice that follows each movement of her and Jack, but they manageto put him off track, and moving and being responsible for all of the sieges of the ship where the people works, they get to the garage, where they finish giving oneself over his love in the epoch'sluxurious car.
In between a passionate kiss, the Titanic crashes into an iceberg that does that the ship begin to fill up of water little by little, ending up in the background of the sea. Thepassengers of one classroom, specially the women and children embark in little half way empty boats, they do not fill themselves altogether, while than due to the a short time that is left or to than thepeople I do not fill the boats, the rest of the passengers end up floating at sea, dead included Jack. The one and only that saves herself is Rose, that they rescue her and it finishes considering hislove story in the Titanic to a present-day fan of the ship, that also he looks for the hanging that I turn in Rose's fiancé to him the night of sinking. That the he does not know he is than that one shehas it hanging, and finishes throwing it at the sea, before death in that ship ...

Directed by James Cameron
Produced by Jon Landau
James Cameron
Written by James Cameron
Starring LeonardoDiCaprio
Kate Winslet
Billy Zane
Kathy Bates
Frances Fisher
Victor Garber
Gloria Stuart
Bernard Hill
Danny Nucci
Bill Paxton
Music by James Horner
Cinematography Russell Carpenter
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