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Lizeth: Hello, good night and welcome once again to our program. Today we have the talented artist and designer Karen Rodriguez. How have you been? Karen: fine thank you and happy to be here with you. It was a very hard week, with many works, but I'm fine. 

Lizeth: Oh that’s very well. Weare very happy for you. Well Karen tell us how do you think about this new part of your life? 

Karen: Oh my God I'm very glad; I never thought toexhibit my paintings in Italy. They are in Venice, Rome and Florence. 

Lizeth: Wau, so. It seems you have done very well 

Karen: Yes it is. Iam very excited 

Lizeth: and do you have new projects? Or do you prefer to get some rest? 

Karen: It would be wonderful to take a vacation, ofcourse I will. 

Lizeth: Yes, that right. I wanted too. And tell me who inspired you in your work? What artist? 

Karen: I always liked art andfinesse of Leonardo Da Vinci and Miguel Angelo. They are unique. 

Lizeth: yeah how forget them. Ohhh, you must be wonderful to see so finepaintings 

Karen: yes it's unbelievable. It's so magical and perfect. 

Lizeth: Great. It shows that you really like it.

Karen: Yeah, I love it, it’smy world. 

Lizeth: And how is your family? Did you miss them?

Karen: Yeah, well, I miss my mother's chocolate. 

Lizeth: Well Karen. It wasa pleasure talk with you. Thank you very much. 

Karen: Thank you for inviting me

Lizeth: Ok. We hope to see you soon. 

Karen: Sure. Goodbye. 
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