What does she look like

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What does she look like?

1 word power appearance
A: look at these expressions. Can you think of more words or expressions to describe people? Write then in the box below.

B: pair workchooses at least four expressions to describe yourself and your partner. Then compare. Do you agree?
A: you have curly blond hair and a beard
You’re young and good-looking
B: I don’t agree. My hairisn’t very curly

2 conversations she’s very tall
B: listen to the rest of the conversation. What else do you learn about Ashley?

3 grammar focus
Describing people
General appearance ageheight hair
What does she look like? How old is she? How tall is she? How long is her hair?
She’s tall, with red hair. She’s about 32. She’s 1 meter 88 it’s medium length.
She’s gorgeous.She’s in her thirties. She’s 6 feet 2

Does he wear glasses? How old is he? How tall is he? What color is his hair?
Yes, and he has a beard. He’s in his twenties. He’s quite short. It’sdark/light brown
He has brown hair.
A write questions to match these statements. Then compare with a partner.
1. ______________________________? My brother is 26
2.______________________________? I’m 173 cm (5 feet 8).
3. ______________________________? Sharon has brown hair
4. ______________________________? No, she wears contact lenses
5.______________________________? He’s tall and very good-looking
6. ______________________________? My sister’s hair is medium length
7. ______________________________? I have dark brown eyes
Bpair work chooses a person in your class. Don’t tell your partner who it is. Your partner will ask questions to guess the person’s name
A: is it a man or a woman?
B: it’s a man.
A: how tall isshe?
B: _____________
4 listening who is it?
A listen again. How old is person?

5 interchange 9 find the differences
Compare two pictures of a party. Go to the black of the book. Student A...
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