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1. Give your views on how appropriate and useful the details in the advertisement are.
The details in the advertisement are very simple, and incomplete since it shows as most of theessential details but the ubication which is very important is missing, so in conclusion the advertisement is poor.
2. Create a job description for the vacancy of a lawyer.
Job description:
*To address the injustices committed relation to my customers
* Move the trials that are transmitted un different court of justice
* Acquit queries daily customers have
* Notarize documentsrelevant to the evaluation of contracts and judgments.
* Sponsor legally customers’ in various professionals meetings
* Guide staff that is under my responsibility
3. Create a persondescription for the vacancy of a lawyer.
He/she need to:
* Be honest
* Should have a straight criteria about himself
* Should have a title as a professional in law.
* Should bereflexive
* Should be very careful and organize
4. Produce a letter of application for the vacancy, together with a CV.
Dear Mr. Manager
I am sending you this applying form with my veryexperienced curriculum.
I think I am the right person for this job because I am used to work with agencies, were cases are more frequently than singles lawyer. So I have plenty of experience despite mydistinctive titles presented on my curriculum as any type of lawyer but most experienced as a criminal lawyer.
If you agree that I am the right person for this job, please call me to this number 090234565.CURRICULUM
John Elbert Chalen Morris
* Experience by working 5 years on “Lawyers Associations ltd. “
* Experience by working 2 years as a single lawyer
* Experience by working 3 year” Law.”
* Lawyer certificated otorged by Oxford
* International Certificate of Excellence in Law otorged by Oxford University
* Manager of Lawyer association ltd.
* In total 10 years...
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