What were the effects of the westward expansion on the usa?

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In 1783, the usa began to grow in huge amount. Not only economically. The Usa was near to aproch to be a independent nation. Before the war of independence, many american people were attracted to theeast coast, but after the war of independence, wich came to and end with the peace of paris, the americans began to look in that direction for expansion.

By analysing the different factors thatenabled the colonists to expand westwards we can see some facts that can make us understand why. To begin with the growing of transport made it easier for them to look for new territories. Also thepopulation was rising in the Eastern coast and as if has more pressure in the land, the Americans moved west. This movement was also favoured by the diplomacy that used to keep Americans on the Eastcoast, which was now changing. And to end with, one of the most important factors was that the Indians were as we know much weaker than the colonist, so it was easy for settlers to defeat them andtook the place.

The westward expansion had a a lot of effects on both North and South USA. To begin with the north, there the expansion bring possitive effects more than negative ones. The Englishpuritans who had first settled up areas such as New England on the north east of the Usa, were now able to spread to the west carrying with them their ideas of hard-work. In this way, settlers madea lot a lot of money and wealth was created. Therefore the westward expansion had positive effects on the North of USA.

But in another hand the expansion also had negative effects on the north ofUSA, as the northern ideals were opposed to slavery As they believed that the US soil should be free, and that slavery must be completely abolish. This brough a conflict between the North and Southover slavery. Therefore this is the reason why the westward expansion had negative effects on North and South USA, and highly increased the tension of them two.

The westward expansion also had...
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