White Death

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White Death
Chapter 1

A tall woman about fifty years old went to a prison. Her eyes were blue and she was English.Her name was Anna Harland.She wanted to see her daughter, Sarah Harland.Herdaughter was in prison and her mother wantes to know why.After some minutes she could talk to her. Sarah was about nineteen years old, she was tall and her eyes were blue.the girl was happy to see hermother.They sat down and talked.Sarah told her story, the last week when she went to the airport she was arrested by the police. They said that there were drugs in her bag, in a tube of toothpaste. Thedrug was heroin. She said that she didn´t know anyting about it and her mother believed her.
Sarah said that Stephen wasn´t her boyfriend , at taht moment she was in love with Hassan. Hassan was inprison too, she said that Hassan didn´t know about the heroin.

Chapter 2

Anna Hardland left the prison andwent to talk to the police.The policeman was a fat man about fifty –five years old withbrown eyes, his name was Detective Inspector Aziz. Anna defended her daugther, she said she was innocent.She said that her doughter was nineteen and she travelled with her boyfriend, Stephen , todifferent countries.Sarah worked in a hospital and she wanted to be a doctor, so she knew that drugs could kill people.
She asked the poloceman about Hassan, He said that he was a rich boy from a goodfamily. Hassan hit a police car and his father bought a new car for the police.

Chapter 3
Next morning Anna went to the court.Hasan´s parents were there. There were two lawyers and the jury . ThenHassan arrived. He was twenty years old, his face was nice and he had very beautiful dark eyes.One of the lawyers said that they want to sell “ White Death” ( heroin) . He said that the law for themwas death.The airport policeman said that someone called saying that there was heroin in three toothpaste tubes.Sarah

said that it wasn´t her toothpaste.He said that the person who called was a...
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