Who Is Your Best Friend?

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This is unit you can describing people.

The relative clauses are easy, example:

You use who, whose, that or which for describing

Lorena is my friend whois so sweet and loyal
This is my friend whose car is red
This is my friend that arm is broken
Robertohave a phone so pretty which I like

The “who” is for people, he , she , we , they, etc…
The “whose” is for say it, example; this is my friend whose girlfriend is talkative.
The “that” is forpeople; this is my friend that you car is fast.
The “which” is for things and animal; the monkey is the animal which I don’t like

Underline the correct word to complete the sentences.

1) Thisis the guy whose/who brother is pessimistic
2) Roberto is the boy who/whose is very talkative and never is insecure
3) This is my friend that/whose say “Live Fast, Die Young, Be Wild And Have Fun”4) My dad is remember by whose/which loyal and hardworking in the work.
5) My brother is a person that/who is outgoing and optimistic

Complete the conversation.
Dan; Hi Ricardo, how isyour day?
Ricardo; hello Dan, my day is so busy
Dan; Why?
Ricardo; because I must care my brother, he is so pessimistic and self-center
Dan; is so bad?
Ricardo; well… not, but I don’t like itDan; smile, is your brother and I think he is reserved and therefore you say it.
Ricardo; maybe, I don’t think so
Dan; my brother is generous and talkative, it like.
Ricardo; Wow, great brother!4)
Place the words to describe the people in P if is positive, N if is neutral, and B if negative
1- Sweet ( ) 6- insecure ( )
2- Loyal ( )7- pessimistic ( )
3- Polite ( ) 8- charming ( )
4- Self-centered ( ) 9- forgetful ( )
5- Outgoing ( )...
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