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my summary of this book

to start we know that everything started in the town of Zenzontle Tanilo lived a man named his wife Natalia, Natalia's mother and brother Tanilo.

Natalia Tanilo andbrother were lovers, but there was an obstacle between them two: Tanilo, so they decided to get rid of it. To do this they decided to take walk to Talpa. Tanilo The idea was, since he had left somewounds throughout the body, thought to be carried Talpa to see the Virgin, for his hope was that the Virgin would cure him. Natalia and her husband took advantage of this.

During the trip there weremoments when he could no longer Tanilo more, but encouraged him and Natalia did not want to continue but they lied to him telling him he was further away and that Talpa Zenzontle.

At night Nataliaand her husband were to dark places to surrender their Tanilo love while sleeping.

When they arrived at Talpa were lots of people, dancers, pilgrims and people with different prompting send Tanilocarry his own orders, besides walking, decided to put some strips of cactus hanging like a scapular and began dancing as could in the midst of the dancers until they fell and the dancers went on asusual. His wife and his brother managed to get him out of there in time.

It was in church when Tanilo after reaching their destination, and there in the church asking the Virgin for her healingstand still, dead.

Once back to Zenzontle, after burying Tanilo, Natalia seeks solace from her mother and brother Tanilo not even talk to him.


Tanilo: A person of noble sentimentsand have much religious faith. His body is all covered with sores.

Natalia: It Tanilo's wife, apparently a young, dark, strong. He is a person who is carried away by passions, is affectionate,loves her husband and since she can no longer satisfy seeks solace in Tanilo brother but always keeps in mind the remorse of what he does.

Tanilo Brother: A person opportunistic and takes...
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