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Possessive Case
Fill the gaps with the possessive case of nouns. Decide whether you have to use 's or an of phrase.
1. The boy has a toy. → It's the _____________.
2.Peter has a book. → It's _____________.
3. The magazine has my picture on its cover. → My picture is on ____________.
4. Our friends live in this house. → It's ______________.
5.There is milk in the glass. → It's ______________.
6. This house has a number. → What is______________?
7. The walk lasts two hours. → It's _____________.
8. John has a sister,Jane. → Jane is_____________.
9. The film has a name, "Scream". → "Scream" is______________.
10. This school is for girls only. → It's a______________.

Tell whethereach underlined possessive noun is singular or plural.

The penguins' home is in Antarctica. plural
The duck’s leaves are yellow. singular

1. That book's pages are wrinkled._______________
2. The girls' ball went over the fence. _______________
3. My jacket's button needs to be fixed. _______________
4. The horses' riders were dressed in red. _______________
5. Wecan't find our cat's toy. _______________
6. The author's books were very popular. _______________
7. The artists' paintings quickly sold out. _______________
8. Can you see the lion's paws?_______________
9. The teachers' copy machine never works. _______________
10. Can you come to my brother's house? _______________

Read each sentence and circle the word with the apostrophe.Then, tell whether the circled word is a contraction or possessive noun.

1. I'll arrive later this afternoon. ______________

2. Sarah's pencil tip is broken. ______________

3. The dog'sbowl is filled with water. ______________

4. Haven't you read the book yet? ______________

5. What's the matter? ______________

6. The children's ball rolled away. ______________...
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