Worl war

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World war one was a military conflict that started on 1914 and finished on 1918. It was known as ¨The great war¨ and the second deadliest conflict in history before the Second World War.
In thiswar it were two alliances, one was Britain, France, and Russia and another one was Germany, Austro- Hungary and Italy. They were fighting between them.
This historical moment was caused because of 5main reasons militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism, assassination.

The assassination on 28 June 1914 of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the successor to the throne ofAustria-Hungary, is seen as the immediate ¨trigger¨ of the war. Ferdinand's assassination by a Yugoslav nationalist resulted in a Habsburg ultimatum against the Kingdom of Serbia.

All these countries wanted tohave the biggest army by buying more weapons. The nation that could reach all of these things could be the most powerful. All the countries were fighting for not lossing their honor, territory andpower against other states.

One of the causes that helped this war could take place was the alliances. This was made to join with others countries as your friends in the war (allies). There were twoalliances one of them was named ¨the triple alliance¨ which was made up by Britain, France and Russia. The other was called the ¨entente alliance¨ made up by Germany, Austro –Hungary and Italy. Thiswas a very important fact in the Great War. These alliances helped that the war was so strong and so bloody. This was a help or a tactical move of each country, making alliances they have more territoryfrom where they could attack, they have more arms and technology among them.

Every country wanted to be the most powerful and have the biggest territory. They wanted to build a type of empire.So while the soldiers were fighting for defend their country they also were fighting to get more land. They could only get this by defeating other countries, if they did that it was easier for them...
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