Writting Sobre El Cine

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In this writing I will write about the good and bad things of watching a film in the cinema or watching a film with a video at home.

Firstly I haveto say that cinema has a lot of good things because when you are in the cinema you feel like you are participating in the film, and the film has agood quality of sound and image. In cinema you can see the latest releases and the chairs of the cinema are usually really comfortable. But cinema has alot of bad things too, when you are in the cinema you can’t talk, and if you want to see a film you have to move to the cinema and cinemas aren’t alwaysnear to you. The tickets of the cinema are very expensive you have to pay six euros to se the film only once and maybe you don’t like the film.Other way to watch films if watching it with the video at home; there are a lot of good things of watching films with a video at home for example you canchange the film if it is boring, you can talk during you are watching the film, you don’t have to move anywhere you watch it at home and you can watchthe film when you wanted. But watching films with the video at home has bad thing too; the DVDs are usually very expensive, and the screen of yourtelevision isn’t going to be very big and probably you will bore watching that film so in my opinion watching a film with a video at home isn’t a goodidea.

In conclusion, both ways of watching a film could be bad and from my point of view the best way of watching a film is watching it in the internet.
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