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Creating a Clinical Case Study: A 10 Step Model “It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.” -- Osler (Hippocrates) Step
 1.Consider what of the diagnostic or problem solving process you’ll introduce or review.
 2. Plan the content and objectives: What will you teach? What will students learn? What do you want them to do withit? Select a topic for a case study. Determine the learning objectives for the case study.
 Plan the Case
 Patient presentation--Differential Diagnosis—ClinicalAssessment—Investigations—Diagnosis—Management
 May: • be a cluster of foundational knowledge sessions, • be a specific presentation • incorporate a specific condition, scientific issue or problem • incorporate a specific action,process, procedure, etc. What will students know and know how to do after this case study? What will they value after this case? Be specific, especially as to purpose for study. For example, studentswill learn the differential diagnosis of dyspnea. At the end of the session/unit, students will defend a reasonable diagnostic hypothesis of an unknown case of a patient presenting with dyspnea. Relateto Course Objectives. Students will: apply, analyze (compare, break down into components), evaluate or predict, solve a problem, etc.
 Create a “real life,” believable patient, and determine theinitial facts about this patient. These would be name, age, marital status, ethnicity where relevant, gender, family, background, dialogue and narrative or story of the patient. Plan the rest of the“scene,” where the students will work. TIP: use a clinical case you recall, fictionalized to protect privacy, for authenticity.
 Facts are presented in an iterative style (e.g. chronologically, as they present,or as the patient describes them, or with complications arising.)
 Use the steps below to develop materials such as slides, actual charts and test results, and handouts such as: a. The...
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