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HELLEN: I am very happy because today I go with an excellent actor, born on April 26, 1977 in Putnam Valley, New York, is an actor, director, producer and former fashion model known for her roleas Clark Kent in Smallville . moreover, has starred in filmsCheaper by the Dozen how (Cheaper by the Dozen in Latin America) and its sequel.That same year she played Nick Castle in The Fog. Here withus Tom Welling

HELLEN: Hey tom how are you?

TOM: Hi Helen, I am actually very happy to be here.

HELLEN: I am also very happy that you are here. Tom Well tell us a little about yourself.Howwas your experience on Smallville?

TOM: Well first of all was a fun experience from which I learned many things, I must confess I was very emosionante play the character of Clark Kent admit that at times Ifelt like superman.

HELLEN: hahaha. Or if I understand you will play Wonder Woman also feel the same.

TOM: hellen hahahaha very funny, but that is about living the character.

HELLEN: I verymuch agree with you tom, but not everything is good, tell us what was the hardest?

TOM: mmm there was a scene for which I had to take ballroom dancing classes, I thinkthat was the hardest experience.HELLEN: How many seasons of smallville you recorded?

TOM: serious 10 seasons in total and probably will write 4 more for a total of 14 seasons. So you may see me again with the blueshirt and red cape of Superman.

HELLEN: oh! ...And heard! That's good to know that we will probably have to see this series as entertaining and more than Clark Kent. Tom Well thank you very much for beinghere with us, share your experiences and above all that great notcia we leave on the lookout for the new seasons of Smallville.

TOM: hellen thank you for inviting a great time

HELLE: that's it for nowuntil next.

HELLEN: Estoy muy contenta porque hoy me acompañara un excelente actor, el nació el 26 de abril de 1977 en Putnam Valley, Nueva York, es un actor, director,productor y...
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