Years of the depression in england

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1930s years of the depression in England

Effects of the depression

North vs South

The value of the pound was too high that british exports were expensive abroad, so it was hard to sell goods, such as coal, cloth, steel and pottery, in other countries. Most of these goods were made in the North. The industries of the Midlands and South – East England, which made products such as vacuumcleaners, radios and cars, for the home market, were attracted to the Midlands, London and the South East of England. Demand for households goods rose, so factories became more efficient and prices fell. That’s why these areas were less affected by the slump and employment rates were low.
Why industries were attracted to the Midlands and South – East?
• Because factory owners prefered sites onnew industrial estates with lowns and trees seàrating the buildings.
• Because most of the new factories used electricity for power, roads or railways for transport, and didn’t require a workforce with special skills, so they could be built anywhere in Britain.
• Because most of the new factories were assembly plants using parts from all over Britain, such as glass, steel, wood, paint,textiles and leather to make a car at that time.


London conference on naval disarmament
The United States, Great Britain and Japan agreed to extend the Washington naval accord for battleships (and aircraft carriers) and estabilished a new ratio for small cruisers and destroyers while permitting Japan parity in submarines. All five powers agreed to defer construction pof new capitalships until 1937.


Oswald Mosley and the New Party
Oswald Mosley, a former Labour minister, formed the New Party because he was convinced that the depression could lead to a communist revolution, and he wanted the government to creat new jobs. But soon, in 1932, the moderates in his party left when he veered to the extreme right, stirring up anti Semitism and recruiting a black – shirtedyouth movement like Hitler’s stormtroopers. He renamed the Party the National Front.

National Government
Romsay Mac Donald formed a National Government. Since Government spending increased with the rapid rise in the numbers of unemployed claiming benefit. As a result, the value of the pound began to fall and instead of letting this happen Mac Donald’s Labour government borrowed money fromforeign banks to keep up its value but they had to reduce government expenditure, including unemployment benefits but Mac Donald’s collegues refused to support him so he formed this National Government.


De Valera’s Fianna Fáil Party
De Valera’s Fianna Fáil Party wins the Irish general election.
De Valera’s first concerne as President of the Executive Council was to dismantle the imperialconnection and to secure the complete independence of the country. He introduced the bill to abolish the Oath of Allegiance to the British king in april 1932. De Valera also abolished the Office of Governor – General representing the British monarch in Ireland.


The scottish National Partscotlandy
The SNP is founded to fight for an independent Sacotland. The SNP was almagam of theleft-Leaning National Party of Scotland and the more right-wing Scottish Party. Its objective was to secede from the United Kingdom.
New air defence programme
New aie defence programme adds 41 squadrons to the RAF. Since, in 1933, Adolf Hittler had withdrawn from the Disarmament Conference and the League of Nations in order to beguin re-arming, the british government reluctantly began to rearm.There remained a strong political determination to avoid war at all costs.

Gressford Mine Disaster killed 266 in North Wales
In September 1934, an explosion occured in Gresford Colliery, in Wales. The mine operated in two main sections, the Dennis and the Slant. The explosion occured in the Dennis, one of the deepest pits in the North Wales coalfields. Only six men survived the explosion....
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