A case study: teaching english as a foreign language to fifth-graders with limited english in a rural primary school.

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English nowadays is being spoken and learnt by most people around the world due to globalization. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why the Mexican Education Ministry (Secretaría deEducación Pública, SEP) had implemented English as a foreign language instruction in primary schools through the program called Enciclomedia. The Mexican Education system has had to introduceinnovation in different fields in order to respond to the challenges and demands of a globalised world. Therefore, teaching English as a foreign language has become a priority for the Mexican EducationMinistry, particularly in the basic education system, which comprises preschool , primary and secondary education. Martínez (2009)
The coordinator of the program called Programa Nacional de Inglés enEducación Básica, Dr. Juan Manuel Martínez García in primary schools/elementary education said that the state education authorities have developed interesting and valuable initiatives in order tointroduce English at the primary level. Nowadays, 22 (out of 32) states in Mexico operate the programme locally, providing this service to nearly 750,000 students. Similarly, in 2005, the federal governmentlaunched a programme to teach English with the support of technological resources called Enciclomedia, which was piloted in 5th and 6th grades in 134 primary schools, in 11 states.
Based on theEnglish teaching piloting programme in 5th and 6th grades, the Ministry of Education (SEP) is analyzing the strategies that may be adopted in order to incorporate English in the national curriculum of allprimary school in México.
The target population to carry out this study is forty nine fifth-grader students from a rural public primary school call “Dr. Belisario Dominguez Palencia located inSuchiapa, Chiapas. This school as many other primary schools in the Mexican Republic was benefit with the programme Enciclomedia, but since this new programme came to the school, the teacher’s group never...
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