A chiristmas carol

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Activity : Summary “A Christmas Carol”
Asesor: Profa. Lourdes Rivera Santillán.
Materia: Inglés I
Alumno: J. Refugio Quiñones Medina.
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The main character is Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly and stingy person who does not celebrate the Christmas party because of his solitary life and work holism. I do not careabout others, even his dedicated employee Bob Cratchit, only care about themselves.

One day, at home, Scrooge receives a visit from a mysterious spirit who happens to be his best friend and partner,Jacob Marley, who died at the beginning of the story and then announces a dark prophecy about the future of the miser and the arrival of the three spirits of Christmas. Scrooge is not frightened anddefy prediction.

Over time, the three Christmas spirits: the Past, which makes life Scrooge remind children and young people full of melancholy and longing before his addiction for work, and by hisexcessive eagerness to get rich.

The Present of the miser does see the current situation of the family of his employee Bob Cratchit, who despite their poverty and the illness of his son Tim,celebrates Christmas.

Then the Spirit shows you how all people celebrate Christmas, even Scrooge's nephew Fred, celebrated Christmas in a wry but lively way (because the guests do not want the presence ofa miser). Eventually the spirit shows a pair of children from tragic human and Necessity of Ignorance, then the spirit disappears immediately at midnight.

The Spirit of the Future, silent andsomber, he shows the most heartbreaking thing: the fate of the greedy, his house ransacked by the poor, sober recollection of his friends from the Stock Exchange, the death of Tim Cratchit and mostfrightful: his own tomb, before which finally Scrooge is horrified and tries to convince the spirit that is willing to change if he invests the destination. In the end, the miser wakes from his nightmare...
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