A Day In Italy

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English Composition
September 23, 2010

As part of a tradition a married couple from a village in Italy would celebrate the vintage harvest with their neighbors and friends at their house everyyear.
Luca and Laura woke up early that morning. They dressed up and set everything up for the celebration and their guests. As usual Laura wore her best clothing (a silky pair of stockings, anelegant white cashmere dress accompanied with a shiny sparkling necklace and a glamorous brown hat). She looked cheerful maiden of a rarest beauty.
One by one the guests arrived to the party. Enchantingmelodies of music from a flute, the tasty and spicy smell of the pasta, steak, fresh grapes and other type of fruits and vegetables, and of course, jars full of smooth fruity wine turned up thecelebration. Laura walked around the party and recognized familiar faces; except for one colored eyes and good looking man sitting down at the table on the corner. Eventually, the man introduced himself toLaura. He told her that he was new in town and his name was Tiziano. At first they seemed to like to each other, they started to have a nice conversation. Next, Tiziano asked Laura to dance, sheaccepted, but at the same time Laura felt it was not appropriated for her as a married woman. But, she was so crushed by Tiziano that she couldn’t resist.
Meanwhile, Laura’s husband was entertained withhis friends talking about farmland and politic business that did not realize that Laura was having a great time with another man. For hours Laura and Tiziano danced, ate, drank and enjoyed the party.Laura was hypnotized by everything about Tiziano. She felt she was daydreaming. As the night came and cool air started to spread around, Tiziano offered his comfy wool coat to Laura to keep her warm.They were so enjoying to each other.
Soon someone went to her husband and informed him about the situation. Laura’s husband reacted and confronted Laura about her behavior with the new guest. As...
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