A Interview With The Beatles

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An Interview with The Beatles
Broadcaster 1: Good afternoon all the viewers that we see in your homes. Today in the program, we have to the most popular band of all England. Of course, The Beatles.This band is the better of all time, according with the magazine Rolling Stone, with over of 13 albums, many with Grammy prices. But now we have them all.
Good afternoon John, how are you?
Lennon:Good afternoon is an honor is here.
Broadcaster 2: No, the honor is ours. And you Paul, how you feel to be here?
McCartney: Thanks, I feel that this night is very good.
Broadcaster 2: I think thatyou Ringo and you George are also your good, true?
Ringo and Harrison: Of course.
Harrison: This travel to India make me feel so good, I learn to play the sitar, I think I can include some melodiesin the songs of next album. In India, with the Maharishi, I change my vision of world. My mind is renovated, I can’t explain how the Maharishi give me a new me. In the personal, the travel to Indiawas the better travel in my life.
Broadcaster 1: I waiting that you touch the theme of the next album… Many people say that the group, The Beatles is coming to dissolve. Is right this rumor?
Lennon:How you say, it’s only a rumor. We are planning a album that will be different of rest. I don’t want to spoil the notice, but this album will be unique.
McCartney: Of course, the album will bedifferent, I believe that the next coming album will be better that Help!, Rubber Soul and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, why?. Because this album will have much variation.
Broadcaster 2: And nowyou’re free, right?
McCartney: I don’t understand the question?
Broadcast 2: In this month you don’t have to record?
Lennon: No. We have songs in the mind but some song in the paper not.Broadcaster 1: At some point some of you have wanted to leave the group?
Ringo: (laughing) It’s funny. I remember that I leave the group because I was sick. But only in my recuperation. The Beatles had a...
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