A little princess

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Read chapter 1, and then complete these sentences with the right words.

1.Miss minchin liked Sara because her father was rich.
2.Mr crewe bought many expensive things for hisdaughter.
3.Miss Minchin thought Sara looked like a little princess.
4.When Mr Crewe left London, Sara was very sad.
5.Sara´s friend Ermengarde was not clever, so sara helped her with her schoollessons.
6.Sara´s father was richer than Lavinia´s father, and because of that, Lavinia did not like Sara.

Read Chapter 2. Who said or wrote this, and to whom?

1.´My friend has some mines innorthern India.´ Mr Crewe to Sara.
2.´To me, you are a princess.´ Ermengarde to Sara.
3.´Sit down again for a minute. You look so tired.´ Sara to Becky.
4.´Sometimes I like your stories better thanthings to eat.´ Becky to Sara.
5.´Mr Crewe´s good friend ran away with all Mr Crewe´s money.´ Miss Minchin´s lawyer to Miss Minchin.
6.´She must leave my school at once.´ Miss Minchin to lawyer.7.´... you must be a servant and work for your bread.´ Miss Minchin to Sara.

Before you read Chapter 3, can you guess the answer to this question?

Are any of these people going to be kind toSara?

Ermengarde and Becky.

Read Chapter 3. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
Change the false sentences into true ones.

1.Sara often cried in the first months of her new life.False. Sara don´t cried in the first months of her new life.
2.She worked from early in the morning to late at night. True.
3.One morning Lavinia came up to her attic room. False. One morningErmengarde came up to her attic room.
4.Sara was very sad when Ermengarde came to see her. False. Sara was happy when Ermengarde came to see her.
2.Sara never saw anybody at the next attic window. True.3.Then the Carmichael family came to live net door. False. Mr. Carmichael hasn´t got family. The Carmichael came to live next door.

Read Chapter 4, and answer these questions.

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