A tale of two cities

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Tema 5:
Charles Darnay was in love with Lucie Manette, but had never spoken to her about it.
He had almost forgotten the death of his uncle, the marquis Darnay decided to go toEngland
to speak to Lucie´s father, and told him that he didn´t want to interfere in their relationship,
but that he loved her very much.
He made Dr. Manette promise that if Lucie told him she lovedDarnay, to tell her he did too.
Darnay was going to tell him his real name and why he was in England, but Dr.Manette told
him to wait till their wedding day.
Sometime after, Mr. Carton, a friend,went to Lucie and confessed his love to her, but that he
wasn´t having a good life, and would die soon.
Finally, Darnay and Lucie get married, after Dr. Manette and Darnay had talked.
When thecouple left for two weeks, Cr. Manette spent nine days making shoes, and silent. He
was worried about something Darnay told him. But after ten days, he went back to normal,
and Lucie never knew whathappened.
Tema 6:
A man named Jacques went to Defarge´s wine-shop, and they both got together with three
other men. They all named themselves Jacques, with numbers.
They were informed thatGaspard, the father of the child the Marquis van over, was hung in
the village square, because he was condemned for killing the Marquis.
Defarges wife knitted the name of all the enemies, who they wantedrevenge from.
After, another man came to talk to Dafarge, and told him about Lucies marriage. He didn´t like
it. The 14th of July 1789, they attacked the Bastille, along with the villages people,and went
into Dr. Manette´s old room, one hundred and five, north tower.
They looked for something in the room, and then left. That night, Jacques five, talked to a
stranger, and with two othermen, lit the Bastille on five.

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Tema 7:
The revolution continued and many nobles were killed, also the king.
Mr. Lorry was going to France and Darnay...
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