A vindication of woman rights

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A Vindication of Woman Right’s Evaluation

Women, fascinating creatures. They have been a subject that has brought writers and great thinkers to a point of discussion through thecenturies. Poets, bards, philosophers, and many other men have written beautiful words in honor of the multiform character and of the physical beauty women posses. Why these men and their contemporariestreated women like females (in the animal sense), instead of treating them as their equals? Was, in a general sense, their admirations meant to enhance some idealistic qualities of an imaginary womanin their heads and, as a result, they treated the real women beside them in such an inferior light?
Many men and women through time have invested their time on discussing this and othertopics related to women. But, why? Women, through all time have always been subjected to discrimination from men degrading their status to mere companions and nothing else. Through time manyintellectual minds have raised their voice in alarm at this subconscious behavior of society. They have tried to change people’s views of the role of women in society into a more positive light. One of suchwriters was Mary Wollstonecraft.
Mary Wollstonecraft was a British writer of the nineteen century that wrote one of the early feminist documents known to society. She was a woman that, duringher life, didn’t follow what they called ‘normal’ way of life. She had some very liberal ideas and was not afraid to show them. She was a woman that searched to support herself through her writing,something very uncommon in that time. She surrounded herself with writers and other intellectual men and women and this contact with different many minds led her to examine her own convictions and shefelt the urgent need to express the conclusions she arrived after this reflexive time. Mary based her opinions in the observation of the behavior of women in her society and her own experiences....
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