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Final Project
High-Tech Marketing
The intention of this final project is to make a deep analysis of e-Books technology, by applying the techniques and knowledge acquired during the course of High- Tech Marketing.


General Background
e-Commerce 1
Advantages and Drawbacks 2
Impacts 2
Logistics 3
Product 3
Drive 3
Competences 3
Pros and Cons 3
Comparison 4

Companies 5
Amazon Kindle
Apple 7

Conclusion 8

Sources 9

Trends and habits are constantly changingthat’s why companies are always looking for the latest innovations in order to introduce products or services that satisfy customer’s needs or to create new customer behaviors.
Technology is one of the most important facts that has changed the market and now days it is the one that leads the each decision that marketers need to make. When knowledge and technology are fused great inventions arecreated but actually the big challenge of all companies is to create real innovations that get the acceptance by the society given them profitability and success.

Reading is one of the oldest habits of mankind and it has had several modifications since its introduction. Today this is not an exception; technology and knowledge have created a new invention that is changing the way of reading amongsociety with the launch of the well known e-books.

As any invention the cost of the first unit is very high; even though the e-book market has shown a good track since it was launched into the market. Companies have listened to their customers in order to give them what they are looking for and also to teach them how to use this new technology.

In 1962 was published the book Diffusion ofInnovations. The book shows a model that explains the process of how an innovation is communicated and how it is adapted by the customers. The first groups of people to use a new product are “innovators” followed by “early adopters.” Next come the early and late majority, and the last group to eventually adopt a product are called “laggards.”

E-books are suddenly the craze and they are crossing thechasm. Many e-books are exceeding hard cover sales. Sales statistics show that e-books will quickly cross the chasm. Soon, comparisons with physical books will no longer be relevant and e-books become the dominant form of reading.
For example it took about 10 years for personal computers to surpass typewriters, the reason was simple: over a few short years the PC could perform basic functionsbetter than the typewriter, plus it offered many more useful features. With e-books, the devices perform as well as physical books, plus offer more functionality, such as back lighting, storage, and highlighting, sharing and non-reading functions such as email.


An electronic book is a book-lenght publication in digital form, consisting of text, images or both.
Ebooks could beequivalent of a printed document or a totally new one.
Ebooks are usually read on ebook reader but computers and mobiles could also be used for that task.

1971: Gutenberg is the first digital library.
1993: The Online Books Page lists the different free ebooks.
1995: Amazon.com becomes the first online library.
2001: Copyright, copyleft & Creative Commons licenses.
2005: Google isinterestes by ebooks.
2007: We could read documents on digital platforms like tablets or computers.
2009: Cyberespace.

How are the e-Books produced?

Some e-books are produced simultaneously with the production of a printed format. Often, e-books are produced from pre-existing hard-copy books, generally by document scanning, sometimes with the use of robotic book scanners.
As a newer...
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