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After read related 6 articles, I decided to write about two of them

This article expresses the ideas shown by the CEO of CTIA (Steve Largent) and the CEO of AT&T (Ralph de la Vega), respect to thetopic, in the Annual Conference organized by the Wireless Industry on October 2010.
The American telecommunications consumers are presenting a high tendency to the Wireless services, producing thenecessity to take some actions by the Federal Government to ensure high quality wireless services to the Americans. Visualizing that, the FCC presented a plan where points that the spectrum to theWireless Communications is going to be increased in 500 MHz. The CTIA’s CEO is agreeing with the initiative, but points that it will be needed more than that to ensure the wealth development of theWireless services in the next decade.
According to Largent, the number of wireless subscriber connections, in the United States, is growing rapidly. In a year, the number had been increased in 16 million,giving a total closer to 292.8 million of connections, “that represents a penetration rate of 93%”. As a result of that, the data transmission is increasing in a non precedent volume (in the secondhalf of 2009 the data transmission had been increase in 49%), generating significant revenues to the carriers.
Based on the analysis of the rate of growing, and the respective projections, Largentpointed that the spectrum should be increased in 800MHz. He also pointed that he is agree with the principle of Net Neutrality in the aspect of the open usage of the Networks, but indicated that the CTIANetwork will manage in a unique way.
De la Vega, pointing the growing of the data transmission, and visualizing the future, catalogued the 2011 like “a transformative year for enterprise mobility,”stressing the needed of “a light regulatory scheme so companies are free to innovate, free to invest”.
The better way to ensure the growing of the sector, and services, is to facilitate the...
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