I'm hot you're not

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Nowadays appearance is something as important as food or a good job position, some people are as shallow as desperate for happiness they are and sometimes it is just ridiculous. I find stupid thefact of changing your personality or looks just to please somebody else but yourself; society pushes you to be someone you are not or simply you just can’t be, but at the same time you end up changingyourself to get some attention from the opposite sex and sometimes the same sex.
It’s funny how some physical stereotypes can mean so much to some people, to the point that they put appearance firstthan anything else, they easily forget things as that person’s values, personality and of course intelligence. We all have felt that at some point in our lives, somehow, sometime it happens and weimmediately realize of it. There are things that mess with you in a way you never expect to, we could be aware of many things but it is hard to actually believe that, internalize it, as free human beings ,we tend to hurt people without noticing, and we keep doing it because from our perspective “harmful” is the last thing we could think about. Sometimes it’s hard to believe the impact we could make tosomeone just by doing or saying something, when I think about that I immediately recall all the things I was told by some of my very own relatives, sometimes words hurt more than just one hit. I hopethat words like: ugly, weird nose, ugly nose, and many others; never come out of my lips to a child, because it’s something that will affect that child’s self-esteem significantly to a point wherethat adult to be will never feel secure about himself/herself. Choosing one or another is also as hurtful as an offense, how does it feel going out with a friend and realize he gets all the attention?How does it feel been left out of the picture over your friend’s looks? What can you do? It is certainly nobody’s fault but you just can’t help the fact of feeling hurt, and right away you start...
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