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Geography (map)

Argentina is located at the southern end of the American continent. Argentina borders with republic of Chile, the republic of Bolivia, the republic of Paraguay, thefederative republic of Brazil, the Oriental republic of Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean.


The Argentina flag is a horizontal tricolor, with sky blue, white, yellow and brown stripes. Designedit with the colors of the national cockade. The meaning of the colors of the flag are:
White: symbolizes silver.
Yellow: symbolizes gold and a symbol of eternity
Sky blue: symbolizes the blanket ofvirgin.

Spanish is the official language spoken in Argentina. There are also approximately 17 Native American languages in Argentina.

Touristic places

Villa la Angostura onNeoquen

Is considered one of the prettiest spots of the Patagonia Cordillera, earning the nickname Garden Patagonia.1 2
A few kilometers away from the border with Chile, Cardenal Samore, and togetherwith other nearby towns such as San Carlos de Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes form a very popular tourist corridor in both in summer as a winter.

River falls Iguazú

Iguazu Falls arelocated in Misiones, one of the most beautiful provinces of Argentina. This place offers a combination of nature, history and culture that make it a must for every tourist proposal. Iguazú benefits fromthe spectacular forest nearby and hundreds of butterfly species. :D

Glaciar Perito Moreno

This is an incredible wall of ice that extends along a deep valley. His forehead is 5 km long and morethan 60 mts. high.
Has Been Considered the eighth wonder of the spectacular views it offers.


Argentina is a multicultural country, as a result of the geographic range and the presenceand combination of many techniques identities of the groups that were contributing to their population. Argentina is a land that was colonized by Spain. The culture of Argentina is a blend of many...
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