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In the forties Mexico enters a new phase at the beginning of the student movement fighting against the education policies of the authorities and was trying to close the polytechnic or attemptedto imitate American universities with the implementation of administrative models resulting in the movement for the defense of institutions like the normal breakfasts which sought to remove theboarding mobilizing more than 120 000 students committed to the struggle for a popular technical education according to needs that have the nation.

The 1968 student movement was not born in the sameyear and just did not come about spontaneously. Their demands had been raised earlier by countless revolutionary political organizations and major student groups. The release of political prisoners inMexico, demand as old as a phenomenon itself. Also the fight to repeal Article 145 which concerns the social breakdown and disappears because the body of grenadiers.

The 1968 movement picked up allthese demands and not only advocated for the settlement of their list of demands but became the spokesman of the most pressing demands by students, workers and intellectuals in Mexico.

Before inmany parts of the country, students had led to all the people in struggles whose general content is closely related to the movement of 1968. The most important movements of this type are those of Pueblain 1964, Morelia in 1966, Sonora and Tabasco in 1967.

That year they celebrated the 1968 Mexico Olympics and Mexico lived a very unstable domestic product of poor economic times.
On 27 Augustof that year, more than 200,000 students marched through downtown Mexico City, and moved into the socket, due to the disagreement that existed on their part to the form of government, but the nextday, the local police cracked down the revolt.

The Mexican government was unwilling to become a focus of publicity at the time, so in September, he ordered the army to take over the university...
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