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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2010
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Disection of Kidney
Aim: To observe the internal and external structure of the kidney.
Hypothesis: Maybe I will observe urethra, renal pelvis, urinary bladder, and nephron, because those are theparts of kidney.
* Dissecting scissors
* Scalpel
* Tray
* Globes
* Tweezers
* Dissecting needle
* Kidney


1. Sketch your kidneybefore dissection upper view and lower view.
2. If the kidney has fat tissues around it cut it with the scalpel
3. Put globes and look for the urethra
4. Cut the kidney horizontally with the scalpeland the result would be two kidney parts but joined by skin.
5. Look for urethra, urine, and medulla
6. Observe carefully and note differences in color and texture between the two parts of thekidney.
7. When you finish looking at it you can cut it with the scalpel to observe better.
Upper View: The kidney has a very smooth structure, is very soft in texture, is divided in a varietyof segments or strips, has a very concentrate smell of urine, the color is like a dark brown.
Lower View: The kidney has a lot of tiny holes that connects directly to medulla, the medulla have adifference in color in a part red and in the other yellow, those tiny holes that I mention before were vessels like veins, In the middle of it have fat tissue and it was white and very strong.Conclusion:
My hypothesis was incomplete because I saw more things than the ones I write for example I saw the urine, I saw blood vessels, I saw medulla, I saw the urethra I observe the cortex very well andfeel it too, I saw the renal pelvis, etc.
Conclusion questions:
1. What structure could you observe? Describe each one.
2. Why is the kidney important?
3. What are some kidney diseases? Explain
4.*What is Dialysis? Why is it important life saving technique?
*How is Dialysis machine work? What it does?
*Who usually get dialysis treatment and how often it is done?


1. I could...
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