Across the barricades resumen

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Place: Northern Ireland, in the capital Belfast.

Time: 1980’s


Main characters:
Sadie Jackson: Protestant, 16 (nearly 17) years old.
Kevin McCoy: Catholic boy, nearly 18 years old.

Sadie’s family:
Mrs. (Aggie) Jackson: Sadie’s mother.
Mr. (Jim) Jackson: Sadie’s father, Orange Lodge.
Tommy Jackson: Sadie’s brother.

Mr. (Pete) McCoy: Kevin’s father.
Mrs. (Mary) McCoy: Kevin’s mother.
Brede McCoy: Kevin’s nice sister.
Gerald McCoy: Kevin’s little brother.
Uncle Albert: Kevin’s uncle.

Linda Mullet: Sadie’s old school friend, Tommy’s girlfriend.
Mrs. (Jessica) Mullet: Linda’s mother, «friends» of the Jackson’s.
Mr. (Bill) Mullet: Linda’s father, Orange Lodge togetherwith Jim Jackson.
Granny McEvoy: The Mullets old neighbour.
Steve: Tommy’s friend from schooldays, keen on Sadie.
Mrs. McConkey: Local shop owner. Dies in an explosion.
Mr. (Twinkle) Blake: Sadie’s old geography teacher. Lets in Kevin & Sadie.

Kate Kelly: Brede’s friend, very fond of Kevin.
Mr. (Dan) Kelly: Kate’s father. Kevin works for him in the scrap business.Mrs. Kelly: Kate’s mother, friend of Mrs. McCoy.
Brian Rafferty: Kevin’s old friend, beats and threatens Kevin.
Pat Rafferty: Brian’s father.
Mrs. Rafferty: Brian’s mother.
Moira Henderson: Neighbour of Mr. Blake. Catholic married to a Protestant.
Chapter 1:
Sadie meets Kevin by accident in the street one day. Sadie is a Protestant and Kevin is a Catholic. It is about 3 yearssince they have seen each other. They go for a cup of coffee and talk about their families and how they have been. Kevin is working in the scrap business, and Sadie is working in a hat department. They take a walk up to Cave Hill. On the way they meet Linda Mullet, who is Sadie’s old school friend and Tommy, Sadie’s brother’s girlfriend. Linda dislikes the fact that the two are hanging out togethersince he is a Catholic and she is a Protestant.

Chapter 2:
Home at the Jackson’s, where Sadie lives: Linda comes to see Tommy and tells Sadie’s parents that she saw Sadie and Kevin together. The parents do not like it. 3 summers ago Sadie and Tommy got mixed up in a fight with Kevin and his sister Brede. Afterwards they became friends but had to part because it was to hard to stick togetherbecause of the fact that they were both Catholics and Protestants. Mrs. Jackson is very upset and thinks that Sadie will lead them in to trouble.

Chapter 3:
Home at the McCoy’s house, where Kevin lives: Mrs. McCoy is worried because Kevin has not come home yet. Brede, one of Kevin’s many sisters calms her. Uncle Albert comes to visit. Brede goes to see Kate, she runs into Brian and argues withhim. The rumour has it that he has joined the Provisionals, which is a splinter group from the IRA believing that violence is the only way to achieve a united Ireland.

Chapter 4:
Kevin & Sadie are on Cave Hill. Afterwards in café Sadie meets some friends from her job. They are taking an interest in him because he is handsome, but they are chocked to find out that he’s a Mick (a Catholic). Kevin &Sadie argues about the differences of numbers of children in their family, but they become friends again. They are walking hand in hand on the way home.

Chapter 5:
Mrs. Mullet is visiting Mrs. Jackson who does not like her. Mr. Jackson and Mr. Mullet are attending a meeting with the Orange Lodge. Mrs. Mullet is trying to get Tommy and Linda married, but Mrs. Jackson does not like the idea.Mrs. Mullet is criticizing Sadie for seeing Kevin. Her daughter Linda has told her of course.

Linda & Tommy are in a cafe where they meet Steve, Tommy’s friend (who is keen on Sadie, who does not like him). Steve tells Linda and Tommy that he has joined the Lodge. He is trying to convince Tommy to join too but Tommy does not want to. Long time ago there was a fight where Brede almost got...
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