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UNIT 71. Use the cues in parentheses to answer these questions. (5 POINTS)

1. Where did you go this weekend?
I went to the movies . (to themovies)

2. Who did you meet at the party?
I met my friend Sophia (my friend Sophia)

3. What time did you and Eva get home?
We got home a little after 1:00 (a littleafter 1:00)

4. How did Bob like the art exhibition?
He liked it a lot (a lot)

5. What did you buy?
I bought a new CD (a new CD)

6. Where did Jeff and Joyce go on vacation?
Theywent to Bahia (to Bahia)

2. Complete the questions in this conversation. (4 POINTS)

Matt: How did you spend your weekend?

Lola: I spent the weekend with Joe and Kathy.

Matt: What did youdo last Saturday?

Lola: Well, on Saturday, we went shopping.

Matt: And did you buy something?

Lola: Yes, we did. A new TV.
Matt: Where did you go on Sunday?
Lola: We went to the movies.We saw Spiderman.

Matt: How did you like the movie?
Lola: We loved it. We had a great time.

3. Answer these questions with negative statements. Then add a positive
statement using theinformation below. (5 POINTS)

GRAMMAR NOTE: Past Tense Negative Statements
I didn’t go to work yesterday. He didn’t have a good time.

have a boring time finish our homework on Saturday take the bus
watch it on TV work all dayuntil six o’clock go out with Ted

1. A: We loved the party. Did you and Jane enjoy it?

B: No, we didn’t enjoy it. We had a boring time.

2. A: I stayed home from work yesterday. Did...
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