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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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1. - With the Internet development and his exponential growth there have appeared also the first cases of psychopathology related to the network.
2. - One of the problematic aspects is: to what dothey become addicted the addicts to Internet?
3. - On the other hand, Griffiths (1997) indicates the existence of what calls “technological addictions ", which are defined as not chemical addictionsthat involve the man-machine interaction
4.- Though there have been several efforts centred in detecting the Addiction to Internet taking the excessive use of the network as a criterion, it seems tohave remained clear that this one is not a valid criterion for the diagnosis
5. - We have to centre therefore in on negative consequences that the dependence of the network has
6. -One of the aspectsthat differ to a psychological addiction of a chemical addiction is that the first one does not have the terrible physical negative consequences that the latter can have
7. - Even this way, in caseof the addiction to Internet also they have indicated some consequence, especially the derivatives of the privation of dream
8. - The privation of dream takes place for the incompetence of the addictto cutting the connection, remaining awake until high hours of the dawn
9. - It is evident that Internet is producing a rapid change in the customs and manners of life of the persons, since in asense it is modifying the form in which we relate some to others
10. - The relation between a high use of Internet and the increase in the levels of depression has appeared in several studies
11. - Theway in which the addiction is unrolled transports also a series of psychological negative changes, consisting of alterations of the humor, anxiety or restlessness for the slowness of the connectionsor for not finding what is looked or the one who is looked
12. - The problems arisen from the dependence come out the area of intrapersonal.
13. - It is a fact that Internet this one producing big...
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