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Moraira, on the Spanish Costa Blanca, has been a small fishing village since the end of the 18th century. With a population of less than10,000, Moraira is very popular with non-Spanish residents. But why? And why do so many people come to live in Spain? We decided to ask some of them. Why did you come here? -Why? Because the comfortable -Because my husband’s a very sad person and he’s got to have the sun all the time. -The weather. -Errr… the better..the weather is better. There are not so many rules as inHolland. -Umm… well, my husband’s health, really. to hopefully get a better life. -And why did you decide to come to this particular part of Spain? -Err…’cos (because) our grandkids were hereoriginally. But in the meantime they’ve gone now back to the UK, so… -And at the end we for the Costa Blanca because this is a living area, not..not ghost town. -We’re stuck, really! -Ijust come out to Spain, and Michelle lived in Spain for the last five years, so I thought I’d just move out and try and start a career over in Spain, and live in Spain. In the sun! -I saw many parts ofthe world. And when I came here, I…for me it was one of the parts in Europe. so we are here. -I am in this restaurant. I run a restaurant. -And the name of the restaurant?-Pizza Tiger -In Moraira? -In Moraira, yeah. -Okay. -To this particular part of Spain because of the good schools. English schools, although I have one child at Spanish school and one at the Englishschool.’s a lovely area. What are Spanish people like? -Lovely. The people in this village are lovely. -Er..nice. Yeah. Quite friendly, I think, yes. -Yeah? -When you get to know them a little bitbetter, they are nice, and when you are trying to speak Spanish, erm.. they appre…appreciate that. -Very nice. Very friendly, yeh. -What are…what are Spanish people like? -Lovely, yeh, very nice....
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