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  • Publicado : 8 de enero de 2010
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This Advertising is from Ballantine’s whisky brand. It was part of one advertising campaign made years ago showing the same slogan “Momentos de Inspiración” in all of the announcements (InMagazines)


Describing the advertising:

There are two distinct parts. Both occupy the same space, just half of the page horizontally each one.

1 - All the top image is in black andwhite. In the upper right part of the advertising appears a naked woman, only with wings on her back, although not in her entirety. Her gaze turns to the viewer.

The background is blurred, so you cannot appreciate very well the place where she is, although cause of the position of the woman it can be seen that the feet are covered with sand.
It is also noted that there is wind, because thegirl's hair covers her face a little, and because the feathers of the wings also give an impression of movement.

The light affects on woman at different levels to enhance her figure, and at the sametime projecting several shadows.

2 - At the bottom, the bottle appears characterized as a snake, on a light background that contrasts with the top. Bottle casts a shadow on the bottom, so the lightenters through the bottom right corner.

It also appears centred at the foot of the page and contrasting with the background, the brand name and logo in blue, which is formed by the initial of thebrand in white and framed in a bicolour circle (yellow and blue).

Just between the two halves shows up the slogan "Moments of Inspiration" on the top the letters are white and on the bottom are blue,like the brand.

Analysis and Interpretation:[pic]

The main objective in this advertising is to achieve people wishing to consume the product because it will bring them something satisfactory.Thus, drinking this whiskey you will enjoy this "moment of inspiration." The purpose of this advertising is to create synonymy on ballatine’s bottle with temptation.

Following the same line that...
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