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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2012
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I have known my friend Rebecca for a long time. We first met at a friend´s birthday party five years ago. We found out that we both liked techno and Green Day,so I invited Rebecca over to my place. We listened to music together and soon became best friends.

Three years ago, Rebecca´s parents invited me to go on holiday with them! It was great. We sentthree wonderful weeks in a little cottage in Ireland. Rebecca and I loved walking along the beautiful beach. We took a lot of photos and had a lot of fun.

Two years ago I spent a week in hospitaland Rebecca came to see me every day. But then, last year, Rebecca´s father changed his job, and they moved to another town. Since then we haven´t seen each other very much, but we´ve talked on thephone and we´ve written emails to each other.

A. read kylie´s composition about a person she has known for a long time. Do they see each other now?

Rta: No, because your fiend Rebecca thegustoes had passed and because Kylie and Jason

B.Kylie uses two tenses in her composition. Which are they? Underline the in different colours.

Rta: In past, example: Kylie and Jason got togetherwith some friends and played 'Police and Thieves'

In future, example: They decided to gather at the central playground

C. think of a person you have known for a long time. write about when youfirst met them and about some things you did together. Use Kylie composition to help you, Write 120-150 words.

Rta: The person who speaks is about my best friend Nicolas Rivera, and I met in thegarden, study together up to 5 grade, and I live many times but I remember the most was when me how to ride a bike, but good times. Now everyone I go to 6 to a different school degree, no longer wepassed by as before but today we speak. Every Friday night we were not like we said before any nonsense, now and plan to meet girls play video game consoles, among others. I hope to pass more moments...