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The leading professional-grade PHP development environment Features at a Glance
Powerful code editor Easy code navigation Zend Framework integration PHP code generation Zend Server integrationAdvanced debugging Embedded Mozilla browser JavaScript coding and debugging Web page execution profiling PHPUnit testing Database and SQL tools Team collaboration Remote systems support VMwareWorkstation integration Support for Agile Development Zend Studio maximizes developer productivity by enabling you to develop and maintain your PHP code faster, solve application problems more quickly, andimprove team collaboration. Based on the Eclipse PHP Developers Tools (PDT) project led by Zend, Zend Studio offers all the development capabilities required by professional PHP developers as well as aplethora of plug-ins that enable you to extend and customize your environment.

Develop and Maintain Code Faster
Create high-quality code quickly with a host of powerful features including: •Syntax highlighting, code folding, code completion, code formatter • In-place code refactoring, variable/ method extraction • Semantic analysis and quick fix suggestions • Tight integration with ZendFramework • Code generation using the Zend Framework Zend_Tool • Reuse Java code through Zend Server’s Java Bridge • Write and run queries for all popular databases • Content Assist support forJavaScript libraries, including jQuery and Dojo Zend Studio also helps eliminate programming errors by ensuring a consistent server environment in development, testing and support. You can use a virtualPHP server running on VMware Workstation that mirrors production to run your code as you write it. Alternatively, you can deploy and test on a remote system. Either option frees you to develop inyour own customized environment while ensuring your code will run in a production environment. • Easily configure Zend Studio to deploy to a local virtual machine or remote server • Run and debug...
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