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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2012
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There is a debate between two theories that focus in the idea of Where do we come from? One of the theories is the one of Evolution which is the scientific. In the other hand we have the theory ofGod´s creation which is the religious one. In my opinion I agree with the religious one because for me there is no doubt that God is the creator of the Universe. Some people might agree with me butothers would not. It depends in the formation, on the culture, ethnicity, region, traditions or customs by which we had being raised. The theory of evolution for me it has sense but there must be somebodywho created those environments which later evolved, it cannot come from nowhere.
God created the whole world in 7 days; it is written in the holy bible. We can see in a detailed way God´s creationin each day. I do not believe in the theory of evolution because behind all those environments, vegetation, and living things there must be somebody behind all that. Those things could not come from amagical trick. It is like if there would appear leaves in a tree without being a trunk. For me that is illogical but it depends on the way we think. We need to be analytical and critical at the sametime to find the correct answers to our questions.
There might be some basics of evolution exposed by scientists that had shown interest in other people with their theories. We can summarize evolutionas the scientific idea that plants and animals develop gradually from simpler to more complicated forms or the gradual change and development of an idea, situation, or object. It is reasonable thatthings evolve depending on many factors such as weather conditions, location, natural resources, etc. We evolve because we need to adapt our way of living to those kinds of conditions in order tosurvive. Conditions that are uncertain because we leave in a very unstable planet.
In conclusion I realize that the religious theory is the most reasonable one. God is our lord to whom we need to be...
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