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Study of the U.S. for University Faculty 2010

Information and Application Instructions

Dear Candidate, please read this first before completing the application below.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: These are intensive post-graduate level academic programs with integrated study tours whose purpose is to provide foreign university faculty and other scholars the opportunity to deepen theirunderstanding of American society, culture and institutions.

The ultimate goal is to strengthen curricula and to improve the quality o teaching about the United States in universtities in Ecuador.

The programs for university faculty will take place at various colleges and universities throughout the United States over the course of six weeks beginning in June 2010.

The programs for universityfaculty are:

▪ U.S. CULTURE AND SOCIETY, will review the U.S. society, culture, values and institutions. The program will examine the ethnic, racial, economic, political and religious contexts in which various cultures have manifested themselves in U.S. society, and the ways in which these cultures have influenced both cocial movements and historical epochs throught U.S. history. The programwill draw from a diverse disciplinary base, and will itself provide a model of how a foreign university might approach the study of U.S. culture and society.
Host institution: to be anounced.
For professors in related areas: American studies, history, American literature or English

▪ AMERICAN POLITICS AND POLITICAL THOUGHT, will provide a a deeper understanding of U.S. politicalinstitutions and major currents in American political thought.  Participants will learn how intellectual and political movements have influenced modern American political institutions.   An overview of political thought during the founding period (constitutional foundations), and the development and current functioning of the American presidency, Congress and the federal judiciary will also be included.The examination of political institutions will include the electoral system, political parties and interest groups, the civil service system, media and think tanks, and the welfare/regulatory state.  The institute will address modern political and cultural issues in the United States (including but not limited to civil rights, women’s rights, immigration, etc.) and the significance of publicdiscourse in the formulation of public policy.  
Host institution: University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
For professors in related areas: political sciences, political theory, sociology or philosophy

▪ CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN LITERATURE, it’s purpose is twofold: to explore contemporary Americanwriters and writing in a variety of genres; and to suggest how the themes explored in those works reflect larger currents within contemporary American society and culture.  The program will explore the diversity of the American literary landscape, examining how major contemporary writers, schools and movements reflect the traditions of the American literary canon.  At the same time, the program willexpose participants to writers who represent a departure from that tradition, and who are establishing new directions for American literature.  
Host institution: University of Louisville
For professors in related areas: literature, American literature or American studies.

▪ US. FOREIGN POLICY, this program will provide university faculty with a deeper understanding of how U.S. foreignpolicy is formulated and implemented with an emphasis on the post Cold War period. This institute will begin with a review of the historical development of U.S. foreign policy and cover significant events, individuals, and philosophies that have dominated U.S. foreign policy.  In addition, the institute will explain the role of key players in the field of foreign policy, including the executive...
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