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CS577a Homework #2

Simplifiers and Complicators Analysis

Student Name: Yanbo Ru

USC ID: 887-21-0537Email:

Course: CSci577a

Semester: Fall 2001

Date:Sept. 10, 2001

Review the current list of project offerings on the class web site and choose a project that you most want to work on. Using the type of analysis in Table 1 of the Two Culturespaper (2Cult) and section 4 of the Using Multimedia Domain Specific Techniques (DSMM), find what sub-domain your project belongs to and do the tasks listed below.

a) Project and sub-domain:i. Project

Project #16: Web-based SAL 322, 222 Conference Room Reservation System

ii. Sub-domain

Sub-domain #4: Activity Monitoring and Control

iii. RationaleBased on past experiences and the meeting discussions, there was consensus among stakeholders that the application is an instance of a multimedia archive.

b)Perform pre-architectural selection for your project as indicated in DSMM section 4.2 by providing a specific block diagram for the proposed system derived from the generic block diagram.

c)Perform a simplifier and complicator analysis as indicated in DSMM section 4.5.

i. Provide specific simplifiers, inspired from the generic ones for your project

ii. Provide specificcomplicators inspired from the generic ones for your project

iii. For each simplifier/complicator, explain the overall implied risks and trade-offs

Refer to Table 2 on page 7 of the Two Culturespaper

d) For your project play the role of your customer and list specific client side simplifiers and complicators.

e) Explain the trade-off relationships between the client side and...
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