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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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Topics for first exam in Computer Hardware class
1. Names of main parts of computer in English and Spanish. 2. Generations of computers: a. 5 in total, b. What were new? c. Why differsfrom other periods? d. period or era e. few examples of every era 3. How computer works? Describe function of different parts and why computer consists of parts it does? 4. Motherboard:a. Size of the motherboard (few examples) b. Identify parts of the motherboard c. Socket, port, slot, (few examples) d. Processor, what is it and why we need it? e. Architecture ofmotherboard (von neuman, north bridge -south bridge, intel 2nd gen. Core i7 series) f. Parameters of motherboard 5. Buses: a. Bus width b. Parallel and serial communication (comparison of typeof communication) c. Bus Arbitration d. Examples (ISA, PCI, AGP, PCI-Express) e. Parameters of bus 6. BIOS: a. Why is BIOS needed? b. Functions and tasks of BIOS c. What parameters can beconfigured at modern BIOS d. Resetting bios password (PC and Laptop) e. Updating bios (why is important and how to do it?) 7. Memory: a. Purpose of memory? why computer has it? b. Purposeof cache? why processor has it? c. Types of memory (EDO, SDRAM, DIMM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3) d. Speed of memory (in MHz and in MBps) e. Dual channel, triple channel f. Parameters of modernmemory module? g. How to upgrade memory? What limitations do we have?

8. Video Hardware a. GPU b. Types of graphics card (integrated, PCI-e, etc…) c. Purpose of graphic card? d.Graphical memory e. Parameters of modern graphical card 9. Storage a. History of storage b. Hard disk interfaces c. Magnetic harddrive d. Solid State Disks e. online storage (cloud) f. USB (1.1,2.0 and 3,0 end difference between them) g. FireWire h. eSATA i. Flash drives j. optical disks k. Advantages and disadvantages of different storage l. Parameters of different storage

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