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  • Publicado : 7 de octubre de 2010
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¶ Boba Fonts presents… the EPISODE I font
%#E P I &S& O& D$ &$E I$& 0.8
t h e f a n d o m m e n a c e

Install the EPISODE I font in order to display correctly this document
“normal” visualization recommended - created with Microsoft Word 97; best viewed in 800*600
you can click on the blue shortcuts in the contents menu—————————————————————————————————


——————1. Introduction

——————2. EPISODE I The Fandom Menace font
————————2.1 Charset table of EPISODE I The Fandom Menace
————————2.2. Samples of EPISODE I The Fandom Menace

1. Introduction

This Star Wars EPISODE I: The Fandom Menace font is based both upon the official “EPISODE I” movie logo lettering and upon the one used for the subtitle“The Phantom Menace”.

This font was created with the shareware font editor Softy 1.07b by D.W.Emmett.

The zip archive must contain:
Episode I font guide Word 97.doc
Feel free to distribute the zip but remember to keep it intact and complete.
This font is freeware. To tell the truth it’s…“e-mailware”: if you like it send me an e-mail.

BobaFonts Website: or

Boba Fonts
Davide Canavero
V.Vigliani 15/4
10135 TORINO

2. E P I S O D E I (capitals)
the fandom menace (smalls)

The EPISODE I: The Fandom Menace font is two fonts in one:
- the capital letters reproduce the main EPISODE I logo font
- thesmall letters reproduce the Phantom Menace subtitle font

2.1 The charset of E P I S O D E I

|Times New Roman |E P I S O D E I |ASCII |
| |the fandom menace |code |
|!|! |Alt 33 |
|" |" |Alt 34 |
|# |#EPISODE |Alt 35|
| | |top left |
| | |Star Wars logo line |
|$ |SODE$|Alt 36 |
| | |top right logo line |
|% |%EPISO |Alt 37 |
| ||bottom left logo line |
|& |SODE& |Alt 38 |
| | |bottom right logo line |
|' |'|Alt 39 |
|( |( |Alt 40 |
|) |) |Alt 41...
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