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Salem my home town is a quiet place and not many ships call at the port here , though in the last century , before the war with Britain the port was often busy . now the ships go down the coast tothe great sea_ports of boston or new York, and grass grows in the streets around the old port buildings in salem.
For a few years,when I was a young man , I worked in the port offices of salem. Mostof the time, there was very little work to do, and one day in 1849 I was looking through an old wooden box in one of the dusty , unused rooms of the building. It was full ofpapers about long_forgotten ships, but then something red caught my eye. I took it out and saw that it was a piece of red material, in the shape of a letter about ten centimeters long . it was the capitalletter A. it was a wonderful piece of needlework with patterns of gold thread around the letter, but the material was now worn thin with age.
It was a strange thing to find. What could it mean? Wasit once part of some fashionable lady is dress long years ago? Perhaps a mark to show that the wearer was a famous person, or someone of good family or great importance?.
I held it in my handswondering and it seemed to me that the scarlet letter had some deep meaning which I could not understand. Then I held the letter to my chest and_ you must not doubt my words-experienced a strange feelingof burning heat. Suddenly the letter seemed to be not red material , but red – hot metal. I trembled and let the letter fall upon the floor. Then I saw that there was an old packet of papers nextto its place in the box. I opened the packet carefully and began to read. There were several papers, explaining the history of the scarlet letter, and containing many details of the life andexperiences of a woman called hester Prynne. She had died long ago, sometime in the 1690s, but many people in the state of Massachusetts at that time had known her name and story.
And it is Hester Prynne’s...
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