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APA Student Workshop APA (5th ed.) Checklist
Does the paper have: 1. APA basics  12 pt. Times NewRoman  1” margins on each side 2. A title page that  Is double spaced  Has a header in the upper right corner that includes the page number and ashortened version of the title  Has a running head – if required by instructor  Includes the title of the paper  Includes the student’s first and lastnames  Includes the college or university name 3. A body that  Is double spaced  Includes a header and numbering continued from the title page  Is leftjustified – ragged right margin  Has a title centered on the first page of the body (page 2 of the document)  Has all paragraphs indented one tab stop Has double spacing between paragraphs, not triple or quadruple  Includes in-text citations rather than footnotes  Includes section headings - ifrequired by instructor 4. A reference page that  Is on its own page by itself  Includes a header and numbering continued from the body  Has the title,References, centered at the top of the page  Is double spaced  Includes proper use of a hanging indent (first line of each reference begins at the leftmargin, all subsequent lines within that reference indented)  Is organized alphabetically  Is capitalized and punctuated in accordance with APA guidelines.5. Any errors? Do not forget to proofread! 6. Additional resources for APA formatting include the Center for Writing Excellence and the APA Manual.

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