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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2012
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Power exists in many different forms and layers in our daily lives. We do activities, rituals, interactions with other people in a manner that power can be exemplified in a simple bowing of the heador opening of the door. Foucault states that genocide is “indeed the dream of modern powers” but not for the thrill of killing a human being. This law of being able to kill is not to limit thepopulation or to control who is in our society, but rather to give the state this invisible power that acts as a force upon us in all aspects of life. The idea of dualism plays an important role becauseby giving power to one thing over another creates a heiarchial system of power that ultimately leads to the state at the top of this pyramid of control. Power can be given to a being in manydifferent ways depending on the relationship. Some examples include race, sex, age, educational status, socioeconomic status, occupation, and many others. The ability that the state has to kill is no longeran act done in order to cause pain on one’s body for his or her actions. It is an act that damages the soul of people, while creating a fear of punishment that our judiciary system can enforce uponus. Power possessed and power exercised stems from the state and is exercised at the level of every day life.
Power is essential to how society runs and we get along with each other. Power becomespossessed from the alienation of social relations. This alienation, and power possessed that certain people have, is openly accepted without question. For example, we drive cars at or around thespeed limit for the most part, despite the car being able to drive much faster than the maximum speed allowed. We never sit down and question why in neighborhoods you can only drive twenty-five milesper hour. We simply accept it because this is the invisible power that the state has on us. This is the same situation as alcohol and drugs. The state has power in that it says no person under...
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