Bend it like beckham

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  • Publicado : 26 de mayo de 2010
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Bend It like Beckham

This is a story about an Indian girl called Jesminder whose family lives in London. She is a very good student and that’s why her parents want her to go to a good universityand become a Lawyer. The only problem is that Jess loves to play football. Her idol is David Beckham, and her dream is to one day be able to play like Beckham. One day Jess knows a girl. Her name isJules she plays football too and she invites jess to play in a girl Football Team. Jess becomes an important part of the Team and in Jules best friend. Jess has a very special relation with the coachJoe. One day Joe tells jess and Jules that there is a man from an American university who is interested in their talents; the only problem is that her father doesn’t accept that. All these succession offacts brings lots of problems but at the end Jess get the support of her family.
The main idea of this film is the immigration in London. The parent of jess came to London when they were young thatmeans that they have still the Indian culture and traditions. Jess and her sister where born in London that means that they grew up in a different environment as their parents and that’s why they havethose different way of thinking and acting. When the father of jess was young he wanted to play in a Cricket team but in the team all the boys where making fun of his Turbant and laughing about himbecause he was an Indian. That’s why he first doesn’t trust the coach.
Jules is an English girl who loves to play football and she is in love with the coach. She gets all the support of her father butnot from her mother. At the end her mother understands that if she doesn’t try to understand her daughter she will loose her.
The coach Joe was a football player but one day during a football gamehe wanted to show his father that he wasn’t “soft” so he tried to play with an injured knee and he ended up injuring his knee for a life time.
Jess is an Indian girl who has a problem she wants to...
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