Bioethics outline speech

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  • Publicado : 22 de octubre de 2010
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Laura G. Leija Torres 304
I. Introduction
A. Bioethics is a disciple that deals both with human morality and biological research, so it contributes and affectsentirely our life and society.
II. Past
A. Society
1. mostly didn’t care
❖ about Bioethics
❖ didn’t know what they were
2. wasn’t accurate❖ didn’t know about Bioethics news
❖ because of not developed media
3. death penalty existed
❖ until XVIII century in Europe❖ the rest of the world repealed it
❖ rarely used after that
4. not enough human knowledge
B. Medicine
1. not advanced
2. cloning, vaccines,technology not developed
C. Philosophy
1. coarse way of thinking
❖ due to undeveloped technology
❖ didn’t know about anatomy, laws and science❖ Religion forbid research
2. based in past philosophers
❖ Greeks, mostly
❖ But wrong ideas about Nature
III. Present
Due to the advance oftechnology since the Renaissance; Biology, Science and Philosophy developed and created ‘Bioethics’ as such. Since, there have been long debates about what’s moral or not, to establish an unique code ofethics. Bioethics discusses about:
A. Pharmaceutics (Medications)
1. Reliable or not?
a. Trust in whom?
❖ The seller
❖ The fabricant❖ The investigator
2. Efficiency
a. Do they really work?
❖ And if not?
❖ who to blame?
3. Process of elaborationa. Doubtful
4. Cost
a. Really accurate?
B. Stem cells research
1. Process
a. is it fair sacrificing embryos?
❖ Suppose...
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