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He is a spanish singer, one of the pop artists with more international impact. Musician and composer of his own songs, he has obtained the most importantawards of music (Ondas, Grammy, Amigo) and several gold and platinum discs.

His real name is Alejandro Sánchez Pizarro. He was born 18 December 1968 in Madrid, Spain.

Hisparents give him a guitar when he was seven years old; he would torture everybody playing it every night; however he was very convinced that he wanted to be a shoemaker.His father had got an artistic agency, but he had taken part in some groups and recordered as studio singer.

Then his first salary as a music “professional” was when he wassixteen, before he was taking the nickname: “Alejandro Magno” and throw his first album “los chulos son pa cuidarlos”

Alejandro earned recognition with his album “viviendode prisa” in 1991. He turned at once into an idol of teenagers.

Because of Alejandro has felt devotion for his family, he bought a Mercedes to his father when he could doit and he set up a hairdresser for his mother. In 1994 he left Moratalaz (Spain) and he moved to a luxurious neighborhood in the north of Madrid, with secret address that hisfans would find it. A big house with 600 m2. He is still living with his family in there.

Nowadays he is a very humble person in spite of the fact that he has a lot of moneyand he is very successful.

He is very intelligent, he try developing constantly. He love reading and his favorite writers are Becquer, Tagore and Rosalia de Castro. He hasgot as a rule read and write before he going bed, also he is writing almost every time because he can have an inspiration anytime for his songs.

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