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this book as a whole shows its development in different cities in North America and Europe but is not really a very important feature in the book.

time: in general the book does not tell us of a certain time, just moments circumstantial.

first chapter

But, doctor, can it be?

problems: one day he went to the doctor wcalvarez a beautiful woman in her forties, covered withgiant bumps too big, she and her doctors had spent weeks trying to averiguarsi the eruption was caused by any food or any cleaning product.
The doctor knew that this is due to a indesiciondesgarradora, he decided to ask women what is the problem about which you know not to make a determination?

She then explained that years ago was a young Anamora to cut your mother contact the havia led Europeto pursue a singing course, and later the case with a millionaire. two months before going to the office lady saw his gallant havia married with several children and the love between them estabasin reborn again and she know how to make up my mind.

Develop the life

hai not be kept for itself all the fears and anxieties, it is best to discuss with your doctor.

will save you time and moneybefore going to a doctor's office must include the following:

is wrong with me physically

Which explains my pain or malfunction of my organs.

must be aware that emotions are capable of causing disease.

second chapter
tense nerves you can produce real pain.

problems: a man who was locked in a refrigerator was the refrigerator, asked for help through the fogged mirror refrigerator,cold and felt increasingly frio.finalmente cerbral died of a stroke but not freezing, it happened that the refrigerator was all the time off but psychologically it was slowly killing.

Develop the life:

nerve pain is not imaginary, I der as bad as any other class and even worse.

to feel a great anxiety because of the illness one suffers may worsen this.
should not prolong their diseasebecause of concerns and worries.

chapter three

know the value of silent

 in this chapter in doctor recalls a very singular man, who suffered a nervous tension always terrible. He himself confessed that there were too many things uqe you furious. and declared that the curse he had in his family.

Develop the life:

inportantisimo remedy that we can all learn to use is to learn toovercome quickly to the trouble and tension

not save the anger or a grudge until the next day keep harmful.

lautilidad to learn to relax at will. subject to discipline those muscles in intentions and fully relax when not re-let it go.

fourth chapter

how to master the habit of worry.


a woman of fifty-five who lived surrounded by a loving family in a beautiful home enjoyingexcellent health ill grieved to think how life sonrreia him all the time, the time had come that something terrible will happen to her or her husband or one of his sons. so every time the phone rang memory of the shock and was unable to answer, so sure he was that serious the police announced that one of their loved ones had been the victim of a terrible accident.

Dr. uqe has a mother once told himthat one of his sons used to worry about as a child. that often seemed restless had a fear of the dark and needed to sleep with the light on, I was afraid of dogs and lightning, being still in pañalesle produced an abnormal fear of loud noises or anything that surprised you, what happened to havia was that inherited the nerves of a father and a mother extremely nervous.

Develop the lifeunfounded concerns do not report any benefit and if you have concerns why store them only when they deserve it.

if you have children, should be very careful in not infecting them unnecessary concerns. the fighting in prescenia weakens their sense of security.

fifth chapter

the value is the essential ingredient of success.

the man has to succeed in life, you need a lot of courage, need the...
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